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    AddFreeStats analytics provides to website owners free web stats [Demo] . Website's traffic data is analysed and reported in real-time!

    Now webmaster can keep track of how many people visit their website, when they come, how they found their website pages, and much, much more.

    Website tracking system: Simple to use!

    The install process is very easy: just add a few lines of HTML code into your website pages. At any time, you can select the tracker design displayed on your website: visible or invisible.

    Enhance the speed of your website!

    AddFreeStats provides asynchronous tracking code snippet. This technology will dramatically improve web tracking accuracy and the speed of your website.

    Start now to monitor your website traffic.

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    Get Free Website Stats in 3 basic steps!

  • 1- Sign up for an AddFreeStats account.
  • 2- Check your mailbox and follow the instructions given by the Welcome message.
  • 3- Paste the asynchronous tracking code snippet provided by AddFreeStats into your website pages.
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    AddFreeStats analytics

    AddFreeStats WordPress Plugin

    AddFreeStats released a AddFreeStats WordPress Plugin

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